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Get Treatment For Dry Skin in Kerala

Dry skin is a very common disorder characterized by the  appropriate lack of water or moisture content in the superficial layer of skin called epidermis. This uncomfortable condition of skin is marked by itching, scaling and cracking of skin.

Men and women are having equal chances of getting the disorder of dry skin, but elderly individuals are more prone to this disorder. It can affect any part in your body, but more likely to affect arms, legs and abdominal area.

Types of Dry skin problems:
Depending upon the cause of dry skin, this disorder can be classified into different types like;
  • Allergic dry skin : Dry skin occurred due to the allergic reactions to some substance, causing rashes on the skin.
  • Contact dry skin : Skin exposed to any irritating chemical agent may cause an inflammation reaction to your skin.
  • Atopic dry skin : This is a long term dry skin problem, which is often hereditary.
  • Seborrheic dry skin : This caused when the skin produces too much oil, creating red and scaly rashes on the scalp. This is more common in infants.

Symptoms of Dry skin:
Dry skin is normally a temporary issue, especially during winters when the temperature and the moisture content in the environment goes down. But here are many who suffer it as a lifelong problem. The signs and symptoms of the dry skin disorder may vary upon factors like, your age, health, surrounding that you live or frequently be. Symptoms may include,
  • Skin having a tightened feeling after bathing
  • Feeling of roughness
  • Itching
  • Scaling
  • Fine lines or cracks
  • Deep cracks which can even bleed
  • Redness on the skin

Causes of Dry skin:
In most cases dry skin disorder arises due to the loss of essential moisture content from the body. This may happen due to several reasons like,
  • Weather : Skin is most prone to drying during winters when the moisture and water content in the environment is plummet.
  • Heat : Heat from heaters and stove will put down the humidity.
  • Long duration bath : Taking bath for a long duration will cause the body humidity to loss.
  • Harsh soaps or detergents : Some soaps and detergents can reduce your moisture content to a greater extend.
  • Exposure to sun : Exposure to sun for a long time will take away the body water content.
  • Psoriasis : A condition in which skin cells build up and form scales and itchy, dry patches.

Treatment for Dry skin:
Most of the dry skin problems are solved by bringing some changes in your routine. But if being highly troubled with dry skin problems, it is always better to consult your doctor. He may suggest you some moisturizing creams or other medications to cure it. For problems like psoriasis, he may subject you to light therapy or phototherapy that will do the needful.

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