Saturday, 2 August 2014

Double Chin Reduction - Restore to a Youthful Look !!!

Double chin is the excess skin that sags under your chin. Double chin is commonly found in obeseand older people. It can be extremely depressing as it makes you appear older than you are and even tends to make your face droopy and shapeless. However, there are several methods available for reducing double chin.

Double chins can be removed or reduced using both surgical and non-surgical procedures. At our clinic we use different methods to reduce double chin and give your confidence back.

Laser liposuction :

Laser liposuction is a newer way to remove the double chin. Because the laser fiber is small and liquefies the neck fat, very small 2.5 mm tubes can be used to remove the neck fat. In addition the heat from the laser causes the double chin skin to tighten and contract. This new technology has made removal of the double chin possible without the need for a neck lift in many people.

Neck lift :

Older patients who have a double chin and significant loose or sagging neck skin with visible bands require a neck lift. The fat causing the double chin is removed and sagging neck muscles are tightened. Loose skin is removed from behind the ear.

Dr. Mushtaq Ali is one of the leading dermatologist in Kochi who performs combination procedures to help patients get rid of a double chin.

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