Saturday, 4 January 2020

Acne will Go!

Acne would occur at any age for anyone. At times, acne will go away on its own, but sometimes it would remain as a scar too. All acne can be treated, and the marks would disappear. However, it is all about getting the appropriate, timely treatment. 

 Acne treatment

When the sebaceous glands (oil glands) are blocked, it creates acne. These trapped oils will build up within the gland leading to inflammation. At times, the swelling within the oil gland can turn out to be intense, where the oil gland will rupture, causing more inflammation.

Causes of acne 

Acne occurs when the skin is blocked due to oil, bacteria, or dead skin. Each pore of the skin opens to a follicle, which is made up of hair and oil glands. These glands will release sebum or oil that travels up the hair, out of the pore, and to the skin. It is this sebum that makes the skin lubricated and soft. Any issues on either of these could cause acne such as:
  • Excess oil produced by the follicle
  • Dead skin cells getting accumulated in the pores 
  • Bacteria building up in the pores 
These would tend to cause pimples on the skin. Usually, a pimple would appear when bacteria grow in clogged pores, and the oil gets trapped. 


Treatment would differ based on the type of acne. For issues such as pink or red-colored boil, the doctor would prescribe ointments or cream. Most of the medications would kill the bacteria, reduce the oil content on the face, and treat the dead skin as well. 

Laser treatment would be suggested to remove scars or acne. This also helps in the formation of healthy tissue in the skin. The laser is recommended and preferred by a lot of patients as it is a non-invasive procedure that is less painful and takes less time to recover. 

Dermabrasion helps to remove the problems on the surface of the skin with special equipment. This helps to treat the scar or acne around the skin, but it may not be effective to treat sunken scars. Microdermabrasion helps to polish the skin’s surface and clears the skin cells. All the damages on the skin can be removed under this treatment. Whereas filler injections can be used to treat sunken scars, but the effect would be temporary; hence the procedure needs to be repeated. 


An appropriate treatment on time can help improve the skin condition. The doctors always recommend treating severe acne to prevent scarring or pigmentation. The damaged skin would be treated to bring back the lost flawless and beautiful skin.

Blog Reviewed By: Dr Musthaq Ali
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