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Anti Wrinkle Treatments in Kerala

Wrinkles are the folds,ridges or creases present in the skin.Commonly wrinkles are formed as a result of aging process.Wrinkles can be see on your skin,neck,forearms and face.

The wrinkles appears in skin are due following



Aging naturally decreases the elasticity of your skin and becomes more fragile.Less production of natural oils will dry your skin and makes  more wrinkles.


>Exposure to Ultraviolet light

Sunlight also plays a major role for aging.And loses the flexibility and strength of skin.


>Habit of Smoking

Smoking  will speed up the aging process.This does not affect on your face.It will causes the wrinkles on your body parts.Because  chemicals present in tobacco damage collagen and elastin in body.


>Facial expression and movements

Smiling and squinting creatures fine lines and wrinkles.As skin ages flexibility of skin loses and wrinkles will be formed.
Smiling and squinting creatures fine lines and wrinkles.As skin ages flexibility of skin loses and wrinkles will be formed.

When to see a dermatologist for anti wrinkle treatment???

A dermatologist can recommend what type of anti wrinkle treatment are suitable for your skin.
At Mushtaq's Skin Clinic and Cosmetology Centre,We provide the following effective treatment for Wrinkles.


This is an non invasive technique does not require any anesthesia.The procedure takes only a few minitues.In this treatment procedure the toxin named 'botox' injected  with needle in the area which causes the wrinkles.After the treatment within three to seven days will get the full effect and results remain four to six months.


In this a natural body protein used to inject the area which is needed for the wrinkle treatment.Fillers restore your youthful appearance.And it is an non invasive procedure.Result of this treatment  last for about a year.
Photo Skin Rejuvenation
It helps to  freshen up your skin an gives you an even tone.Using IPL(Intense Pulse Light) just below skin surface damages the melanin.This is also an non-invasive procedure.


This is a type of cosmetic surgery where the surgeon removes  extra skin tissue and reshapes the facial structures.Face lift will rejuvenate youth appearance makes a beautiful younger look on face.


In this technique with a help of hand held device some crystals  blows on your skin,then these crystals polish your skin surface.After that using a vacum tube removes those crystals from skin surfaces.This is a few session of treatment.

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