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A Look into Various Types of Psoriasis

Psoriasis, A chronic autoimmune disease causing red, itchy, and scaly patches on the skin can be formed anywhere on the body. However, elbows, knees, and scalp are more prone to this.

Psoriasis - Types

There are several types of psoriasis. These include:
This common form can cause dry, raised, red skin lesions which might be itchy or painful. 
It affects fingernails and toenails, causing abnormal nail growth with discoloration. In a later stage may cause the nail to crumble.
This is triggered by the bacterial infection. Seen in small, water-drop shape.

Affects the skin in the armpits, in the groin, under the breasts, and around the genitals. Appear as inflamed skin with smooth patches of red, inflamed skin.
Pustular psoriasis. An uncommon form of psoriasis occurs in widespread patches, seen on hands, feet or fingertips.

When should You meet a doctor for Psoriasis Treatment?

  • Severe discomfort and pain
  • Difficulty in performing  daily routine tasks
  • Joint problems like pain and swelling

What Are the Treatments for Psoriasis?

Even though psoriasis is said to be incurable, it can be cured with proper treatment and medications. Even severe psoriasis can get cured during flare-ups in about 85% to 90% of cases.

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