Friday, 29 December 2017

Get A Acne Free Skin

The dream of everyone is to have a clear and glowing skin. Acne is one of the skin diseases that result in scars.  Acne is resulted by accumulating the dead skin cells and oil from the skin in hair follicles.  Many of us also spent a large amount of money only for skin care treatment.

Acne is occurred by the accumulation of the dead skin cells and oil from the skin. A large number of people are suffering from the scars of acne.  Since people are very conscious about their skin a large number of clinics are mushrooming throughout the country. Dr.Mushtaq’s Skin Clinic is one of the skincare specialists in Kochi provides best facilities with the help of a dedicated team of doctors.  Acne treatment in Kochi became popular at present.  
 The commonly used treatment for acne is the application of some medicines like azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid.  Antibiotic treatment is also available for acne.  Isotretinoin pills are used to treat severe acne.

 Removal nodules are cysts as a result of acne can be done a laser treatment. Dr.Mushtaq’s Skin Clinic provides this treatment and this of two types. They are ablative laser treatment and non-ablative laser treatment.  Ablative treatment involves creating an environment to produce new skin by removing the patches around the skin.  Non-ablative treatment involves activating the growth of collagen which is a protein helpful for the elasticity and regeneration of skin in the body.  
Dermatologists at  Dr.Mushtaq’s Skin Clinic evaluate the scar at first and then they start the treatment.  Once they diagnose the scar they provide the best acne scar treatment in Kerala. 
Now the curse of the unpleasant appearance of scars can become pleasant by taking the most suitable treatments.

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