Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Vitiligo Treatment : Not A Word Of Confusion Anymore!

Patches of skin that has been losing its natural colour, turning into white patches is one of the common symptoms in people affected by vitiligo. It is also known as leucoderma. Vitiligo is a common disease condition that can affect anyone irrespective of age, gender etc. It occurs due to the deficiency of melanocytes, the cells which are responsible for the production of melanin, the factor that pigments the skin. Vitiligo can’t cure completely but it can be reduced. Dr Musthaq’s Skin Clinic and Cosmetic Centre, providing the best vitiligo therapy in Kochi makes sure to help in your needs and weeps. It is the best white patches treatment in Kerala.


We, at Dr Musthaq’s Skin Clinic and Cosmetic Centre, provides the PUVA phototherapy as the primary treatment when the spread of vitiligo is above 20%. Psoralen, when provided as an oral medicine along with the UVA phototherapy, results in big changes to the skin affected by vitiligo. It can make the skin more sensitive to light and inhibit the skin cell proliferation.

Lasers are also used in the leucoderma treatment. Excimer lasers can be more effective and safe in repigmentation. Excimer lasers use ultraviolet light in lower and safer doses in the affected areas. The treatment can last for 2-6 months. Pulsed dye laser uses an organic dye mixed in a solvent as the lasing medium to deliver the energy optimized for the vitiligo treatment. 


Rather than treating the depigmented areas, at Dr Musthaq’s clinic, we are also providing treatments for depigmentation of the unaffected skin to match with the depigmented skin. Having the best word in vitiligo treatment in Cochin, we refer this treatment only to those who have been affected by more than 50% of vitiligo.

When only smaller patches of skin have been affected, autologous grafts, the skin grafts from different parts of one’s own body will be used to cover up the depigmented patches of skin affected by vitiligo. 

Dr Musthaq’s Skin Clinic and Cosmetic Centre promises to provide you with the best skin care treatment in Kerala at affordable rates for those who have been worrying about the skin problems and cosmetics rectifications you have always wanted. So, fret not, for we are open to offering you the helping hands you could ever get.
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