Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Can dandruff be removed permanently?

A simple Google search on dandruff and its removal could leave your head spinning. There are numerous articles that recommend all sorts of solutions, everything ranging from a simple curd mixture applied on the scalp to a full blown cooking recipe complete with all kinds of fruit extracts to apply to your scalp. Many of us would get worked up by the sheer presentation of these ‘recipes’ and follow its instruction. However, too often we notice that these remedies are either fabricated or applicable only in certain climatic conditions. Even if it does succeed in removing the dandruff we soon realize that the healing is short-lived. Our old enemy,”The Dandruff”, soon returns to haunt and embarrass us.


Dandruff, especially chronic dandruff that never seems to leave you is a medical condition and it should be treated with proper medical care. There are numerous well-documented cases where proper medical attention has drastically decreased and eliminated the presence of scaly dandruff on one’s scalp. The key to fighting dandruff effectively is to perceive it as a medical condition and subsequently to cure it as such.

If you or anyone you know suffers from excessive and constant dandruff you can reach out to us and we would love to provide more information on the topic.

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